About Geo-Targeted Travel Services Listing

Tourism Locator is an integrated part of Tourism Review Media. In addition to our other tourism and travel services, such as Travel Directories and Tourism Review News, the Tourism Locator is another landmark platform design and was formulated after carefully considering the needs of our esteemed customers and users from all over the world. With the Tourism Locator, tracking and finding required geo-targeted travel services or accommodation options by desired locations has been made easy, and with its simple interface, anyone will be able to get the details of his required area without having to struggle. Our Tourism Locator service is based on a geo-targeting mechanism, and the demography of all parts of the world has been characterised on and individual basis—for example, by theme parks, hotels or local travel services. We understand the needs of casual internet users who want to find cheerful places in another country, but are unable to do so because of the lack of reliable sources on the World Wide Web. We at Tourism Locator aspire to revolutionise the way people search for their next picnic place, and that's not all. A one-click booking menu is also on the cards, and we are constantly working on the idea to enhance our service for the sheer satisfaction of our customers.

How we do

With the help of our robust database at Tourism Locator, we have been able to compile the necessary information, location and details of several sorts of places from all the world in one platform. And once the users navigate through our Tourism Locator, there is a search box using which the person can write the name or keyword of the specific place he wishes to find out. And that's it, your job is done, and Tourism Locator will do the rest. The kind of places, travel services or tourist points that are covered by Tourism Locator include:


Accommodation is an important aspect, especially when you are travelling to a new location. Under this heading, the users can find the sites of different kinds of hotels with star ratings, e.g., 4 or 5 stars. The listing is also highly beneficial for hospitality service providers. The listing in the geo-targeted environment will help in increasing the direct booking

Thematic sites

Divided by interest—parks, golf clubs, zoos, museums or waterparks—this section contains all attractive and most likely to be visited by the travellers tourist sites. Benefits of listing the property is quite evident—to be found online—is much better prospect to be visited off-line by prospective travellers.

Tour operators and organisations

Under these two headings, tour-operating businesses and tourism organizations are found with ease. With the Tourism Locator geo-targeted travel services are now just two clicks away.

So if you are also the one who has been confused while searching for the right tourism place or service then worry no more because you are at the right place now!

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